Friday, August 22, 2008

Step 2 - Daily Planning Sheets

This is an idea that I actually just started recently. I saw on Simple Mom's blog that she uses a daily docket. I printed her form and it really helped my day seem more organized. I decided to create my own though, just because I thought of a couple of things that would make it more efficient for me. And because I wanted to make mine "cutesy." But don't misunderstand me, her form is GREAT!

My daily planning sheet really keeps my day lined out. No, its not etched in stone and its ok if my day does not go like I have it written down. (wow, wouldn't life be so simple if things DID always go as we planned?) But having a plan at least helps keep me motivated. I'm a list maker. Always have been. This sheet allows me to make my lists and plan when to do what.

I try to fill out my daily planning sheet the night before. That way, when I get up, I know what I've got going that day and what the "flexible" plan is. Here is a picture of my sheet.
(don't you love the pink on it!)
  • I start my sheet out by listing where I left of in my bible reading. You would think bookmarks would work, right. Sometimes even those don't work for me haha. So I list the next chapter I need to read, or if I stopped mid-chapter the day before, I just put the next verse and sometimes some notes regarding what the Lord is speaking to me. (I am reading Deuteronomy right now)
  • Next, is my menu for that night with plenty of room for notes so I can remember to take out meat to thaw, etc.
  • Underneath that I have 2 lists, To-Do around the house and errands to run.
  • Next is a to-do list for my photography and design business.
  • Then comes the flexible schedule. I look over my tasks for the day and write down when I would like to complete them. So for example, the first thing I would write is 7:30am - Brody's breakfast. I know that nothing will be done before that because he is ready to eat as soon as he gets up. Then I continue on from there. Some items on the to-do list get lumped into a general cleaning item on my schedule. So it might say 11:30 -1:30 - cleaning. And that includes all of the cleaning items on my to-do list. I'm definitely not that obsessive to say that I will dust at a certain time and sweet at a certain time!
  • And then there's general notes.
I love my daily planning sheet and it really helps me be efficient throughout the day. I get things done a lot faster when I have them written out and can mark them off.

Remember this, the whole point of being organized is not so we can add more projects to our life. Its so we can efficiently accomplish the necessities so that we can spend more time with our families and serving others. The sooner I complete my tasks, the more time I have to spend with my sweet baby boy during the day, and the less I have to do when my husband is at home at night. And another thing..if the "schedule" interferes with time with them, the schedule goes out the window!

You can download a copy of my daily planning sheet. I left blanks in a couple of spots for you to fill in for your own use.


The Houstons said...

teehehehe...Im loving it!!!
Just loving it girl!

harvestingtulips said...

Love your sheet! LA told me you were starting this blog and I think its great! I have found lots of good sites by mom with this same goal and they are so neat to read. You may have seen these, but some I really like are and .