Saturday, September 20, 2008


Last December, we were strolling the streets of downtown Boerne, Tx with some friends. I love little towns like Boerne..little boutiques and shops pulling you in, making you dream of owning your own stationery shop. (is that just my dream?) Anyways..we walked into this stationery store that I could have spent HOURS in. I love stationery...every shape and form. If you don't know, I design my own. Anyways, as I browsed the tables and shelves, I stumbled across the MomAgenda. I was so impressed with first of all, the cuteness of them, but more importantly, their function. They help mothers line out their day based on what they need to accomplish, but also with their kids' activities. Plus, there's room for organizing the home, etc. At the time, I loved it, but knew I didn't need it because I was only pregnant then..didn't even have a child to use the whole bottom half of the planner for. And still, I only have an 8 month old..don't really need something like that.

But as I was browsing on the web today, I found out that MomAgenda lets you download almost the whole planner for free! You can print the sheets and stick them in your home management notebook! How cool is that! I would still love to have a real mom agenda..but until I can afford one, this is a great substitute. Just wanted to share the love with you all! Happy Downloading!

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