Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Maybe Next Year

You know when you have your hopes up for think its going to be have creative ideas flowing from everywhere..and then the big day comes...and its a total let down? Well, that's how our Roundtop trip was this fall. Well, at least for me anyways. I had a list of items I wanted to get to decorate and organize my home. I was so excited to find some great deals and have some projects to create when I got home. And it was a total bust. First of all, it was 95 degrees. We were miserable and our babies were even more miserable. Poor Carson (my 2 month old) had an episode while we were trying to eat lunch bc he was hungry and hot and just wasn't into being in the heat. So I feel like we spent more time trying to cool ourselves and our babies down than we did actually shopping. Plus, there were less vendors. Maybe that's how it always is in the fall? There seemed to be less bargains and less cool stuff. I ran across a couple of things that I was interested in but wanted to keep looking in case I found a better deal. I never did..but never went back to get the first ones either. So maybe when the antique fair comes back in the Spring I'll have better luck. I'm thinking no babies would be nice as well. I did come away with one great find....fiesta ware salt and pepper shakers to add another splash of color to my kitchen.
I'm thinking I'll add some more pieces in this pretty green if I find anything I need. So ladies...if any of you live close to us and went to Roundtop, did you find any good deals? Or if you don't live close, tell us about your experience at these type of things. Did you find any pieces to repurpose and use creatively in your home? We'd love to hear about them. If you posted about them on your blog, link to it so we can see!

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