Thursday, September 4, 2008

My New Coupon System

Well, after reading tons of blogs, searching the web and scouring the shelves of Target, I've finally created my new coupon system. And I already love it. And what's funny is this is probably the most common form of coupon organization today. I know I've seen a lot of grocery gamers use this system.

I decided to go with the 3-ring binder, dividers and trading card sleeve style. My main problem with my previous organizer was that I couldn't see all my coupons. I was digging through a pocket trying to find something that I know I slipped in there. It was frustrating for me. I like everything to have a place..that's how I am in all aspects of my home, not just my coupons. So it only made sense for me to find a system that allowed each coupon to have its own space or at least share a space with a common coupon.

So here are some photos and details of my system. I hope this helps those of you looking for your own system. If you need more inspiration, watch this video from Keeping the Kingdom First. I love this lady! She has a true desire to honor the Lord in her spending and is not ashamed of it on her blog. Her video explains her coupon system in detail. I got my ideas from her.

I use a 1.5 in binder. This was what was on sale at Target.

It has pockets on the front and back flaps where I put sales flyers or mail outs I haven't clipped.

I have pocket dividers for each section. That way I can put excess coupons that won't fit or that I need to file there.

Each category has its own section. I like them broken down this way. Quick and easy to find.

I use trading card sleeves in my sections. Each sleeve has 9 slots and I have a couple of sleeves in each section.

I have about 20 categories in my book. Other people don't break them down this detailed and just cover the basics - Food, Beverage, Household, Baby, Health & Beauty, etc. It's up to you how detailed you make it.

Do I take my coupon system with me to the store? Not usually. I always have a menu and a shopping list planned before I go to the store so I am able to bring the coupons I know I will be using. If I know I have a little wiggle room with my budget, I might bring the book in order to have the coupons available if I find a great deal that wasn't on my list. So far I'm really pleased with my system.

I might invite a couple of guest bloggers to detail their system for us.


Judy said...

Ok Larra...question for you. Do you find it cheaper to buy the name brand things WITH coupons or the off brand things (that don't have coupons)? For example, I always find ziploc bag coupons, but I usually just buy HEB ziplocs thinking it's cheaper.

Also, I always pass up using coupons on diapers b/c I buy the big 92 count Huggies instead of the smaller packs that usually have coupons. What do you think?

I love your blog by the way!

creativelyhomemaking said...

Hey Judy! This is always a tough one. I just really have to comparison shop. I make a note on my shopping list if I have a coupon for something and how much it's worth. So then when I'm on the aisle, I can see if where I will get the better deal. A lot of the time, the coupon DOES make it cheaper than the store brand. It mainly depends on the product.

I might not be much help on the diapers. We still have diapers left from gifts..8 months later! But from what I've seen is that the big box is a better value. But does Huggies not let you use coupons on the big boxes? Pampers coupons apply to all sizes usually.