Tuesday, September 9, 2008

It Finally Came!

I started signing up for free samples a few weeks back and have been waiting patiently. Everyday I run to my mailbox and get so excited, hoping to find a surprise waiting for me. And today, I FINALLY got my first sample. It took a few weeks (and they say it will take 4-6 weeks so I should have known)..but I was just hoping it would be sooner. It was like Christmas morning for me, ripping open the Walmart box. This is what I got.

A 2-pack of the Cascade Complete tabs and a Extra Power Magic Eraser. Plus some coupons for those products. That's 2 loads of dishes for free! Plus a lot of scrubbing, oh how I love me some magic erasers!

If you haven't already been signing up for Walmart's free samples, do it now! Here! You can sign up for each product once and they change the products out often so you can get a good variety of stuff. I even sign up for stuff that I don't need (like Rogaine and Benefiber) because I can always donate items or give them to people that need them. I've got some great samples on their way to me including tampons, Gain, and more! I can't even remember what all I've signed up for so its going to be like Christmas all the time. Also, HERE is another great site to get free samples from. Happy Sampling!


David and Kristin said...

I got those samples yesterday as well and was so excited. Just wait, you will start getting about one a day if you do as many as I do, even David gets excited about going to the mailbox now.


The Roberts' said...

i am expecting those same free things in the mail as well! its so exciting getting free things!