Thursday, September 18, 2008


Sorry it's been a while..we had another hurricane to deal with.

Last night there was NOTHING on tv, so we were watching Wife Swap. If you've ever seen it before, you know its ridiculous most of the time. They choose 2 extemes and have them switch families. A lot of times its Christians vs Satan Worshippers. Or drill sgt mothers vs mothers with no rules at all. Last night's episode was similar to mother's home was literally PERFECT and her children spent all their waking hours doing chores. The other mother had no respect from her children and her home was a pig sty. It was nasty. As I was watching, it made me think. The first home looked so bland and cold. It was so spotless and perfect and the children had no fun in the home. Not a fun place to live. I wondered if there are really homes like that. How do you have children in a home and expect it to look like that all the time?

I don't want anyone that reads this blog to get the idea that my home is spotless and perfect all the time. I bet all the authors of homemaking blogs would want you to know the same thing. I don't have a perfect home because we LIVE in our home. We have fun in our home, we play with our child in our home, and we leave his toys out (because its not worth cleaning them up every 5 minutes when he loses interest..he's 8 months old!) I don't even make our bed everyday bc no one even goes into our bedroom during the day.

Yes, I like a clean home and an organized home. But there's a huge difference in clean and organized..and insanity. Being a good homemaker does not mean slaving over cleaning your house all day. There's way more important things than a spotless home. How will your children remember you? As the mother who read to them, shared Jesus with them, got on the floor and played with them..or the mother who was frazzled all day as she ran from room to room scrubbing floors with a toothbrush?

Did anyone else see the show last night? Also, is anyone trying to find that balance between having a clean home but being ok with it not being perfect? I would love to hear your stories!

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