Monday, August 24, 2009

I Heart Walgreens

I've actually never shopped at Walgreens..besides just running in for a prescription or something. But I heard from a couple of different blogs about the $2 off Huggies Wipes coupons they have in their store right now. And these can be combined with any manufacturer's coupons. So I went through my stash..and I had 7..some $1, 75cents and 50cents. So I got excited. I ran to Walgreens on Friday and guess what..they were sold out!! I was so disappointed. We went out of town this weekend to visit my parents and the first stop I made on Saturday morning with my mom was Walgreens. Fortunately, people hadn't heard about this sweet deal in their town. So here's what I got:

7 boxes of wipes for $2.79 each.
$2 Walgreens coupon (1 coupon can be used for ALL the wipes you have in your basket.)
(1) $1 off
(2) 75cents off
(4) 50cents off
Grand Total: $1.11

$1.11 for 7 boxes of wipes! I was so thrilled..and wanted to go to another walgreens and get more! Except I didn't have anymore coupons. But, now I do thanks to the people at church who leave baby coupons in the pre-school for us. So I will be making another trip this week before the Walgreens coupon expires on the 29th. Did any of you take advantage of this SWEET deal?


creativelyhomemaking said...

I forgot to mention that my total before coupons was about $19.73

brent, leighann and cole said...

Nice! I am going to have to go through my coupons! Where is the Walgreens coupon? In their ad through the mail or actually in the store??

Gaitha said...

I did take advantage, but I only had 2 of my own coupons, for .50 each. So I got 2 boxes, but 2 for a great deal is still fun!! You did AWESOME tho!! :)

Sarah Shalley said...

know where i can get some coupons and help out my baby mama friends?