Monday, August 17, 2009

Mama Always Said...

So the last few posts have been about saving money so I thought I'd change it up a bit today and give your brain a rest. I know soaking up info about saving money and using coupons can be overwhelming. So I wanted to switch gears to housework. I know that most people probably hate this topic even more..or at least its equal to the money topic. (Unless you're like LA and I who get a high from saving money and organizing our homes. I am actually getting so addicted to finding good deals that I want to go to the g-store like everyday now! But that's not today's topic) 

So..housework. Some love it, some hate it. For those of you that hate it and just want to hurry up and get it over with, I wanted to share a major tip with you that has really helped me. I say that I like doing things around my house...but let me be more specific. I like organizing, decorating, re-organizing :) , and I like when everything is in its place and my house feels clean. I enjoy those things. However, I don't necessarily enjoy sweeping, mopping, scrubbing toilets, washing dishes, etc. But I do them to because its just part of being a SAHM and helper to my husband. And its just gross if you don't. So, to help me get those necessary, but not so fun chores out of the way..I have a system. Here it is:

1. It must be naptime.
2. Turn on the iHome. (if you have an ipod, you must have an ihome so you can rock out at home..or you could just turn on your itunes on your computer.)
3. Make a list of the cleaning I need to get done 
4. THE MOST CRUCIAL STEP FOR ME - SET A TIME LIMIT FOR EACH TASK. This is where the title of this post comes in. My mom always did this and passed this on to me. And it seriously helps tremendously. I write down a time limit next to each chore and I must complete it in this time period. If I think it will take 15 minutes to clean the kitchen, 10 for the living room, etc, I write that next to each thing. If I want everything done in 1 hour, then the total of all the tasks will equal an hour. And then I stick to it. Its really cool how fast I can get things done when I know there's a clock. I even set my kitchen timer. This really prevents me from getting distracted and wandering over to the computer, or worse, moving to another room before finishing one. This is a bad habit I have bc I'll bring something to another room to put away, and get distracted with things that need to be done in that room. But if I know I only have 5 minutes left for the original room I was working on, it encourages me to put away the item and get back to what I was doing. I can seriously get my entire house very clean in a short amount of time. (My house isnt very big, but you get my point!) If I get finished before my time is up, I just move on to the next room sooner and get finished with everything sooner. 

I know everyone has a different system for getting their cleaning done. Some don't even give it this much thought haha. But I'm a system person. I need structure and organization. And music. I love music. 

Do any of you do something specific that encourages you to get the monotonous, routine housework done? Please share! 


brent, leighann and cole said...

I am going to try this set the timer thing! I get so easily distracted so
I think this will really help me keep on task. Tomorrow, I will give this a try.

When I decided to stay home, I thought about trying to get all our household chores, grocery shopping, etc. done during the week so we could have as much family time on the weekends. Most weeks, I accomplish this goal but not always. Sometimes I get more motivated on Saturdays because Brent is home and can help with Cole.

I do have one whole day just for laundry. Laundry is something I don't mind washing, but the folding and putting away I dread it. I have to do it all in one day and PUT IT UP too or it will sit in the laundry basket folded for weeks. I am getting better. The one day plan works great for me.

Nina said...

I actually taught you something. I'm amazed. Maybe I am a better mother than I think.

momstheword said...

I have "raced" the timer before and it is a great idea.

Sometimes at night I am just tired and really don't feel like mustering the energy to do something that needs doing.

So in order to motivate myself to get it done (instead of leaving it until the next day) I will watch a t.v. show and during the commercials I will get up and go start on it.

It does take quite a while to get it done (whether it's sorting laundry, cleaning the kitchen because I didn't do it after dinner, folding laundry, cleaning the bathroom, etc.) but at least it gets done.

I don't do this ofen as I only do this when it's late in the evening and I am "done" with cleaning for the day but still have something that I feel I should have done.

I am enjoying your site!