Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Being OK with imperfection

Last night, I had a plan. I was going to get up early today, make breakfast for Matt before he left for work, do my quiet time BEFORE the kids woke up, and enjoy some time to myself. Then, the rest of the day was going to be a productive cleaning/organization day. I had an itemized list of everything to be done.

Then, last night happened. You know, the one night that the baby who has been sleeping GREAT at night, decides his tummy hurt all night and didn't want to sleep. So needless to say, mom didn't wake up as early as planned. So dad left for work without a homemade breakfast, my quiet time did not happen before the kids woke, and there was no time to myself. After getting Brody his breakfast, feeding the baby and grabbing a pop-tart for myself (real nutritious, right?) I was able to sneak away to get my reading in. Brody was strapped in his high chair enjoying some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (don't judge me) so I was able to sit back in my room for some quiet time.

My day didn't start off how I planned, but it still came together and hasn't been chaotic like I thought it might be. I have cleaned 2 rooms and organized those 2 closets. As I was changing the sheets on my bed, I was reminded that we need balance in life. I love my house to be clean. I love when my day goes perfectly according to plan. When everything has a place. When my kids act like angels. When I get everything accomplished that I wanted to. But I realized something, these are NOT the most important things in life. We love this blog and its goal is to share ways to accomplish all these things. But its not meant to make anyone feel that our homes are perfect by any means or that your home should be.

What should be more important to me is playing with my children each day. Reading the Bible with Brody. Praying with him. Singing his favorite songs. Loving on Carson. Who cares if I don't get around to mopping the floors today. An imperfect home is a lived in home.


momstheword said...

Sometimes it's hard not to frustrated when I have interruptions in my day

It's funny, but right after I wrote that sentence I had to leave and go help my mom with something, lol! (She lives with us).

I also try to remind myself of what's really important. And having a perfect home isn't it.

Brock & Megs Birkenfeld said...

This was perfect for me to read today!!