Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Creatively Homemaking is BACK!

After a short break, the Creatively Homemaking blog is BACK! There have been several changes in our families in the last few months and also a new writer on this! I wanted to introduce myself and re-introduce this blog.

Hi, my name is Leigh Ann and I am Larra's sister-in-law. Larra created this blog to share creative ways to simply, manage your home and I have decided to join her! We hope to give you some ideas to better your home, family, finances, etc. by sharing what has worked or not worked for us. We would love for you to share your thoughts with us as well, so we can all learn together to be better home managers.

This is definitely a LEARNING blog. We are not professional coupon users or CVS shoppers, but we are learning the process so we can be better stewards of our time and money that God has given to us. Are you with us? We sure hope you join us, enjoy our posts, and give us your feedback!

Until next time...

Leigh Ann

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