Friday, October 2, 2009

Diaper Box Creations

Leigh Ann and I have both seen some crafty moms do some really creative things with diaper boxes. I've seen a fort and she has seen a pirate ship. These moms are talented. We go through a lot of diapers around here ( I have a 2 month old and 20 month old). So I buy in bulk of course. So we are always trying to find ways to reuse the diaper boxes because they are sturdy and have handles. Brody used to climb inside them but he got big and bored with that after a while. So I decided I would try to use them for fun things for him. I had an idea a couple days ago that I thought he might like. I had no idea how much of a hit it would be! Brody is in LOVE with cars. He drives them all over the house and brings them when we go anywhere. I bought him 3 used hotwheels for $1 in Roundtop and he was the happiest kid on the block for hours. So, I decided to make him a road with the diaper box. It wasn't a very adventurous first attempt, but I'm hoping to work up to some totally rad (that's right, I said rad) diaper box creations.

I cut the box apart, saving all the sides and flaps. Then, just painted them black with white dashes down the middle. See, nothing adventurous. I did it during naptime in no time at all. I just had to wait for the black to dry before painting the white.

We used the small pieces to make turns in the road. And pieces that have folds we use to make hills. He loves those becaues he likes to see the cars go fast down the ramp.

I know this isn't as fancy as a store bought race track or something..but for a 20 month old, this is the best toy in the world. Plus, I love it bc to clean up I just stack the pieces and set in his book basket and its done. I have a few other ideas for diaper box creations. So this may turn into a little mini series. If any of you moms have made anything cool out of cardboard boxes, please share in the comments! I'm always looking for fun, free toys!

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brent, leighann and cole said...

What I creative way to re-purpose something!